Uncategorized December 7, 2011

Property Management Information~ Servicing Allyn, Belfair, Grapeview and South Hood Canal.


In the past year Windermere Peninsula Properties has taken on Property Management in order to accomodate  clients who are just not ready to sell their home yet, or it is not financially feasible and they are looking for an alternative to selling.  Utilizing the property as a rental, could fit the bill for some.  There are quite a few questions that crop up… Let’s see if we can answer some of them here –

There is actually two parts to  services of Property Management. 

Property Management – This  is the actual “managing the property” either after a tenant is acquired or “managing the property” while it is vacant and the owner is unable or unavailable or just doesn’t want to do this.  This Property Management is a totally separate entity from placing a home into the rental pool of active rental listings to acquire a tenant. 

For those who have tenants currently in their property already, Windermere Peninsula Properties can manage the property for you. 

 The services we offer include :

    1.   collecting and disbursing monthly rent checks to you or to a payee of your choice. 
    2.   set up repairs and services for the property as needed. 
    3.  Overseeing  the property with visual inspections as well as scheduled interior inspections. 
    4.  We maintain contact and communication with your tenants to help keep not only your property in the best shape possible but to overcome and address any issues a tenant may have while renting your property. 


Some are just looking for a renter/tenant for their home. Our services for this include :

    1.  marketing the property to target possible renters
    2.  handle the showings
    3.  screening applicants,
    4.  lease paperwork
    5.  and move in walk through.

We at Windermere Peninsula Properties can do that. This is similiar to listing your home for sale only we are listing it for rent.  Just as I would market your home for sale, I market your home for rent.  we utilize our knowledge, experience and skills to actively market your property to obtain a qualified renter.  The biggest part of the marketing for a rental is your PRICE.   Just as with marketing a home currently – PRICE is 80% of the marketing.  If you are asking for more rent than a similair property in the area, the odds are it will take longer to rent your home than the landlord who’s rent is less. 

If you would like more information, please give us a call. Information is ALWAYS FREE and there is NO OBLIGATION!