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When is the right time to sell your home??


When IS the right time to sell your home?


I receive a lot of calls with this and other questions this time of year.  

  • When is the right season to sell?
  • Should I wait til spring to put my home on the market?
  • Should I take it off the market during the holidays? 
  • Will the market change? 
  • Isn’t it better to sell in the spring and summer? 

So when IS the right time to sell your home?  

The right time to sell your home, is WHEN THE TIME IS RIGHT FOR YOU!!

First – there is no wrong or right time to sell seasonal wise.  The question and the answer falls with

  “when is the time right for YOU?” 

 Second- if you want to sell your home, it needs to be actively marketed. It Needs to be seen to be sold!

That’s when its the right time to sell – when its right for YOU and your personal and financial goals. 

And how do I find that answer?

Get the FACTS and information on your local real estate market from a real estate professional.

Get a comparative market analysis on your home specifically from a professional local real estate professional.  A local real estate professional is going to know specifically what is going on in your market, which may be totally different in a neighboring market!  All real estate is local!

Discuss your goals with a professional real estate professional. Determine whether it is the right time for you to sell. For some, it very well may not be the right time. It is and should be a personal choice and decision after reviewing all of the facts of the market and your goals.

If you are waiting for the market to change – be careful! Especially if you are considering moving up, downsizing or relocating.  When homes for sale prices increase, it is going to decrease your purchasing power on the buying end.Typically you will be able to buy MORE home in this type of a market. 

During the holiday season and the fall and winter months, we tend to see the homes for sale inventory reduce considerably.  this means that there are fewer comparable homes for sale that you are competing against!

With the real estate market being as competitive as it is, wouldn’t you rather have LESS competition in the sale of your home?  The fall/winter and holiday period offers LESS COMPETITION!  

Are there fewer buyers out there this time of year? It may seem that there are fewer buyers out looking at homes during this time of year and there very well may be. THERE ARE BUYERS OUT PURCHASING YEAR ROUND,  BUT what we typically see during this time of year is a more serious buyer and not so  many “lookie lou’s, dreamers, or what ifs.”  

It is a fairly serious buyer that is out looking at homes in the cold, wind, rain, possibly snow.  They also see your home at its worst (which is not necessarily a bad thing); this can take allot of questions out of the buyers mind as to how the home will “fair” during rain, wind, snow and so on.  A home can still have good curb appeal especially during the Christmas season when the decorations bring a warm, cozy and inviting feeling to the homes. 

With fewer homes on the market during the fall/winter/holiday seasons, the buyers have fewer choices which brings more attention to your home. You could very well miss YOUR BUYER and delay a sale by waiting for a “season to sell” rather than selling when the time is right for you.

Have questions? Give me a call.  I offer a FREE, NO OBLIGATION comparative market analysis for your property/home.  I would love to provide you factual information re the current real estate market for the Hood Canal, Belfair, Allyn and surrounding areas to help you determine your goals and help answer “when is the right time for you to sell your home.”

And remember – My success is YOUR success.


If you would like more information on Belfair, Allyn and LakeLand Village homes for sale or  Hood Canal and Puget Sound Waterfront Homes for Sale, drop me a line, give me a call, or stop on by.  You can also check out the many choices and prices on my website!