Hood Canal Getaway~

  Hood Canal Getaway

Nestled above the coveted and desireable south shore of Hood Canal in the small community of Twanoh Tides, this Pacific Northwest Built Home is a great retreat! Custom features await -offering a multitude of amenities, such as a Hood Canal Community Beach and  custom amenities in the home.

Built in 1995, in Twanoh Tides, the gently lived in home, lives large with its open concept floor plan and soaring vaulted ceilings.  Engineered laminate flooring flows throughout the main living area. Custom accents such as the re-purposed old Snohomish Schoolhouse railing leading to upstairs brings a special character to the home along with the solid wood doors with glass knobs, a user friendly kitchen with breakfast bar and custom Knotty Alder cabinetry, and double hung wood wrapped cross buck windows.

The free standing wood stove inset in a hearth keeps the chill off on those cool nights as well as helps with efficiency in the home.  A dining nook, guest bedroom, full bath and large laundry room finish off the main floor.

Follow the re-purposed old schoolhouse railing to the upstairs loft landing that overlooks the great room and out to the ever changing views.  Also upstairs is the master bedroom with walk in closet, a view, and full bath with jetted tub.

The 3/4 wrapped around covered deck is a great place to kick back and relax while enjoying the seabreeze of the Hood Canal and the serene views!

Don’t miss out on the perfect opportunity to enjoy all the amenities of the Hood Canal, Twanoh Tides area and the custom built home!

Whether it be recreational or full-time – welcome home to your Pacific Northwest Hood Canal Retreat offering affordable waterfront access without the waterfront taxes or price!



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2018 Real Estate Market Stats for Mason County

It’s hard to believe that we are into another new year-2019!  CRAZY!!!

Perfect time though to take a peak at what 2018 had to offer in Mason County as far as real estate and how things went!   Below is a great graph that shows Mason County’s 2018 Real Estate Stats and Trends.


Mason County’s 2018 Real Estate stats and trends shoed it to be quite brisk in a flurry of activity of Buyers trying to find just the right home and Sellers trying to get the highest rate of return. Housing inventory for sale was quite low in Mason County in 2018 following the same trend in other counties…. We did start to see an increase in housing inventory towards the end of the year, but certain price ranges remained a strong Sellers’ market. November and December of 2018 showed Mason County slowing down a bit, though and prices adjusting to a more normal balance. If you would like more information specific to a different area or a more focused area, give us a call! Information is always free! We also offer a COMPLIMENTARY comparative market analysis tailored specifically for your home or property ! No obligation! Give us a call and let’s discuss YOUR real estate needs and wants! OUR success is YOUR success!!

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Hood Canal & Olympic Mountain View Property with Beach Access

Stunning Olympic Mt & Hood Canal Views

An absolutely stunning view of the Olympics and Hood Canal from this property nestled above the shores of South Shore Hood Canal in Union, Wa.  Looking for that perfect home that is move in ready with plenty of room for guests as well?  This is it!

Clink the link at the bottom to take a tour!

Enjoy the perennial Healing Culinary Herbs and Edibles on the property:


Grapes Italian Prunes
Sweet Red Plums Hazelnut Tart Cherry
Kiwi Several Varieties of Heirloom apples Rhubarb
Pineapple Guava Sorrel Jerusalem Artichoke
Elderberry Elderflower Sage
Rosemary Thyme Oregano
Onion Garlic Chives
Horseradish Mint Lavender
Honeysuckle Lemon Balm Lemon Verbana
Selfheal Plantain Goji Berry
Goumi Berry Sea Hawthorn Berry Aroia
Mimosa (Tree of Life)


Meticulous owners have completed recent upgrades and updates:

  • Anderson Windows and Doors
  • Ductless Heating & Cooling
  • Custom blinds
  • New sink and kitchen counter
  • Tongue & Groove cedar wall
  • Exterior Paint
  • Custom Exterior siding
  • Engineered drainage system and curtain drain
  • Expanded Electrical Panel
  • LED Lighting Fixtures
  • New subflooring and flooring through
  • Interior Paint & Wood trim work
  • Wood Wrapped windows.

For more information and to preview the photo tour of this home, click the link below!


We would love to prepare a FREE comparative market analysis for your home!   Give us a call, or drop us a line! There is NO obligation and it’s FREE!!!

Valerie and Jessica




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Importance of a LOCAL Realtor


WHY is it important to work with a LOCAL Realtor?

I thought this wasn’t in an HOA??

As a LOCAL Realtor, for Mason County,  I focus specifically within a certain radius that I am an expert in;  working out of my market area – I do not know enough about areas out of my market such as specific market times, values,  specific county/city ordinances, neighborhoods, amenities etc.  A fairly typical radius for what we would consider LOCAL for a market area -ours being  quite rural)  “LOCAL” is approx a 40-60 mile radius (although 60 is pushing it for me).

In the past few weeks, waiting and watching our multiple listing service for new homes for sale to come on the market, I have noticed an increase in out of area agents marketing homes within our market area.  Three of the new listings that came on the market had incorrect information inputted in the MLS.  I actually passed a listing up for one of my Buyers because of wrong information, and it happened to be the one for my client. Fortunately, because I know the area like the back of my hand, I went back and did the research that brought up the incorrect info.

As a LOCAL Realtor,  focusing within a certain radius allows me to be an expert in that area. Out of area brokers  do not have that expertise – such as  market times, values,  specific county/city ordinances, neighborhoods, restricted uses, and amenities. A typical radius for a LOCAL market (our area being  quite rural) ,is approx  40-60 miles; although, I will say that 60 miles is pushing it for me… The further away something is, the harder it is to maintain that listing for me.

Consequently, Buyers will miss seeing your home if it is marketed with  incorrect information

Common Mistakes Made by non LOCAL Realtors

Here are just a few of the most common mistakes I have seen:

  1. Brokers placing homes in the wrong Multiple Listing Service area, causing other brokers to not see the listing…. It can’t be sold, if it can’t be seen!
  2.  Wrong information such as the certain restrictions of the property use or neighborhood, or amenities etc.
  3.  Wrong Directions to the property. If you can’t get there, well………  you know the rest.. 🙄

Fortunately, because of my area expertise as a LOCAL realtor, I can “read between the lines,” so to speak,  when reviewing listings marketed by out of area brokers.

Sold by a LOCAL realtor

Hood Canal & Belfair Area Homes for Sale and Sold

To sum it all up, I can’t say enough, ALL real estate is local.  Using a  LOCAL Realtor to market your home is extremely important!  We are experts in our area.  We know the neighborhoods, amenities, and how best to market your home in our specific area..   Not all areas are the same by any means. Especially fair market values!   Using a non LOCAL Realtor to market your home could cost you time and money !

To sum it up, we at Windermere Peninsula Properties, are YOUR LOCAL Realtor AREA EXPERTS!

Don’t miss out on your opportunity to earn the highest rate of return in the least amount of time on your home sale!

Call us – experienced and reputable to the North and South Shores of Hood Canal, Union, Tahuya,  Belfair, Allyn, Grapeview, Parts of Shelton, Victor as well as Southern Kitsap County.

A seller’s market – what are you waiting for?!!!  Call for a FREE NO OBLIGATION comparative market analysis!

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Home Inspection Misconception


At our recent Windermere Peninsula Properties regular Tuesday morningBroker/Staff meeting,  Allegiance Home Inspection, Kyle, stopped in to give us a presentation of the home inspection services their company offers.  Definitely great information and am excited to add their name to our resource  list of inspectors in the area.

They provided us with a very informative handout sheet with “8 Common Misconceptions about Home Inspections”  that Buyers have.   As I was reading it, I realized, we also as Brokers, hear the same questions and misconceptions and thought it would be a good time (coming into the New Year and all) to answer those questions and get rid of the misconceptions.

#1 – What if the home inspection fails? 

There is no pass or fail with a home inspection.  A home inspection is to give you information as to the overall condition of the home.  Sort of like “looking under the hood” when you purchase a car.  The inspector does not pass or fail the home.  He gives you the knowledge to make educated choices as to your next step.

#2 The inspector will inspect every nook and cranny, every inch of the home –

Incorrect – they will inspect the readily accessible areas of the home.  It can be limited as to what they can see and can access; They can only inspect what they can see and access.

#3 My home is almost or is brand new, why do I need an inspection?

We are all only human!   😆 Even the best of the best contractors/builders, sometimes even they do miss an item.   Best to just catch something amiss sooner rather than later!

#4 I just had my home inspection 2 months ago, so nothing is going to break or need maintenance.

Incorrect – ANY home is subject to unexpected repairs at any given time. Lets face it – anything MAN MADE can break.   The Home inspection findings are based on visual conditions at the time of the inspection.

#5 The home inspector will tell me whether or not to buy the home….

Incorrect !   Nope, never, negative, not going to happen.   The home inspector is going to advise you of any note-able issues that are visual and accessible  and it is up to you with that knowledge to determine in helping you make an educated decision as to how or if you are going to move forward with your purchase.

#6 Isn’t an appraisal the same thing as a home inspection?

It is not, an appraisal determines the value of the home     while the inspection informs you of the condition of the home.

#7 Do I need to be at the inspection or can I show up at the end?

It is best, if at all possible, for you to attend the entire  inspection to see first hand what the inspector is talking about.   It’s also a good time to ask the inspector any questions you may have.

#8 All home inspection companies are the same…

Not true – there are many, many Home Inspection Companies in the area and not all may have the same report format, personalities, costs etc.    Pick a home inspector that you are comfortable with.

Great information!   If YOU have other questions about the home buying or selling process, give us a call or drop us a line.   Information is FREE and we are always more than happy to share our knowledge and resources!

Remember – OUR success is YOUR success!!    We are here for you!   What are you waiting for? 🙂

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Hood Canal, Tee Lake, Mason Lake, LakeLand Village~ Waterfront Homes for Sale!

Waterfront, waterfront and more waterfront!!





What are YOU waiting for?? An excellent opportunity and time to buy your very own waterfront!


Hood Canal waterfront, Tee Lake Waterfront, Mason Lake waterfront and LakeLand Village Homes for sale!




And it's an excellent time to buy! The prices are affordable!   The interest rates are at all time lows; the inventory is aplenty!

What are you waiting for?   Check out the waterfront homes available for sale!


Summertime is almost here and there's no better time to get ready to buy your waterfront than now!

Looking for lakefront? Mason County has many many lakes to choose from!  Pick your style of lake – whether


it be a peaceful quiet non-gas powered lake or a bigger lake with water skiing and then find your dream lakefront home!


Looking for saltwater – whether it be on the Puget Sound or Hood Canal waterfront – many choices and affordable prices out there!


Here are a few links to to take you to some samples of waterfront  to get your feet wet!



Mason Lake Waterfront Cabin  for Sale

Hood Canal North Shore Waterfront Home for sale

Tee Lake waterfront cabin

LakeLand Village waterfront home for sale


Hurry!  Before the prices start going up!!

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Slim Pickings for Some! Belfair, Hood Canal & Surrounding Area Market Update

Belfair Real Estate~March 2012 Update~ What’s Happening in the Local Real Estate Market?

Hood Canal & Belfair Area Homes for Sale and Sold

It has definitely been a busy start to the 2012 year in the Belfair real estate market.

Home sales are slow but steady!! I personally, have been very busy taking care of my clients real estate needs, wants and goals; I am looking forward to a busy and successful year!

A couple of things that I have seen and that I anticipate as the year progresses:


1) an increase in the length of time it takes to close a sale due to lender efficiency, or inefficiency depending on how you want to look at it;  This has actually been the case for the last year – closing dates stretching out longer.   Crossing the t’s and dotting the i’s as underwriters review files, seems to be where most of the slow down in closing is coming from.

It is definitely a patience game on all sides.

2)The other topic that seems to be playing in everyone’s mind right now is – will we be flooded with bank owned properties in the next few months?

It really is hard to say until it happens, but seeing that some of the lenders are offering a short sale option to owners before pushing the foreclosure process, we will more than likely see more short sales come on the market as lenders try to workout sales to get the homes off their books and keep the sellers and themselves from going through the foreclosure process.

Don’t get me wrong – I am fairly certain we will see an increase in bank owned properties on the market, but this will be a year of more short sale homes being marketed than in previous years.

I have first hand knowledge that SOME of the short sale lenders have streamlined their process somewhat. The paperwork and seller requirements have become  fairly consistant from one bank to the next and obtaining a contact for the transaction seems to be happening sooner.   It is still taking a good solid 2 months to get an approval, but that is a lot quicker than 6-8 of the typical short sale approvals of previous years.

Again – each short sale seems to go at its own pace, BUT there does seem to be some light of a little more efficiency on the short sale lenders part.  It is still a trying transaction for all parties, but can be a win-win for all as well.  If you have the patience, a short sale can offer a very good home at a very good price.

3) Interestingly enough, the waterfront market seems to be very active. Buyers who maybe could not get into the waterfront market 4 years ago, can now make their dreams come true of purchasing a Hood Canal waterfront home.  There are many, many great and affordable waterfront homes for sale, both lake and saltwater,  out there and with interest rates as low as they are, now is the time!

I personally have seen an increase in showings for my Mason Lake, Hood Canal, Tee Lake and other waterfront homes listings.

4) I have also seen this past week two situations, where my clients were in multiple offer situations.

Now that can be really frustrating! Especially when it is believed to be a “buyers” market with supposedly, tons of inventory and we have multiple offers?! How can that be?

Crazy! But in reality – The buyers have been buying. The “average traditional” buyer and “average” traditional home for sale, that is move in ready and in average condition,  –  well – some markets are seeing a shortage of these types of homes. Which brings me to the next statement……..

5) A home that is in move in condition, within the average median sales price for an average traditional, family home – is getting harder and harder to find.

Everything that is out there still on the market has already been “picked” through and tossed aside, except for those who want to take on a project and can afford or have the ability to do just that.

Wow!   It REALLY IS going to be an interesting and exciting year in the real estate world!

Want to know more?   Drop me a line, give me a call, or stop on in – I would love to chat with you about the local Hood Canal, Belfair, and surrounding area real estate market!


If you would like more information on Belfair, Allyn and LakeLand Village homes for sale or  Hood Canal and Puget Sound Waterfront Homes for Sale, drop me a line, give me a call, or stop on by.  You can also check out the many choices and prices on my website!


Whether you are buying or selling a home, don’t put your goals off without talking to a local real estate expert with knowledge of homes for sale on Hood Canal, Southern Puget Sound as well as LakeLand Village, Allyn, Belfair and the surrounding area.

I Build relationships for life. YOUR SUCCESS IS MY SUCCESS!

Windermere Peninsula Properties

My email: vlsallyn@windermere.com

My website: www.valspaulding.with wre.com

My blog : www.BelfairWARealEstate.com

My Direct line: 360.710.5622

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Hood Canal Waterfront Home Sales for 2011 Wrapup

Hood Canal Waterfront Homes for Sale~What’s going on along the Hood Canal Waterfront?

So What is going on along the shores of the Hood Canal for waterfront home sales?

2011 proved to be a tough year in waterfront home sales along the Hood Canal. Inventory was fairly heavy. No one knew what the year had in store and it chugged along quite slowly but it did chug along. There were a total of 15 Hood Canal waterfront home sales along the South Shore and North Shore of Hood Canal between January of 2011 and the end of the year.

The average dollars per square foot reflected in these 15 sales was $288.76 with an average market time of 156 days. The average price was $406,480. Those stats are actually not too shabby considering the economy. Let’s look a little closer at the breakdown:

Prices of sold Hood Canal Waterfront Homes for 2011:

•Price range between $200,000 and $250,000 = 4 sold
•Price Range between $250,000 and $300,000 = 0 sold
•Price range between $300,000 and $350,000 = 2 sold
•Price Range between $350,000 and $400,000 = 1 sold
•Price range between $400,000 and $450,000 = 2 sold
•Price range between $450,000 and $500,000 = 1 sold
Over a price of $500,000 sold waterfront home stats : a total of 4 (2) between $500k and $600k; (1) sold at $741,900 and (1) sold at $820,000!

Don’t be disappointed that you missed out on your Hood Canal Waterfront Home because there are still many choices and some great values along the South Shore and North Shore of Hood Canal just waiting for you!

Time to start thinking about your summertime Hood Canal Waterfront Retreat!

If you would like more information on Belfair, Allyn and LakeLand Village homes for sale or Hood Canal and Puget Sound Waterfront Homes for Sale, drop me a line, give me a call, or stop on by. You can also check out the many choices and prices on my website!


Whether you are buying or selling a home, don’t put your goals off without talking to a local real estate expert with knowledge of homes for sale on Hood Canal, Southern Puget Sound as well as LakeLand Village, Allyn, Belfair and the surrounding area.

I Build relationships for life. YOUR SUCCESS IS MY SUCCESS!

Windermere Peninsula Properties

My email: vlsallyn@windermere.com

My website:

My blog : www.BelfairWARealEstate.com

My Direct line: 360.710.5622

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When is the right time to sell your home??


When IS the right time to sell your home?


I receive a lot of calls with this and other questions this time of year.  

  • When is the right season to sell?
  • Should I wait til spring to put my home on the market?
  • Should I take it off the market during the holidays? 
  • Will the market change? 
  • Isn’t it better to sell in the spring and summer? 

So when IS the right time to sell your home?  

The right time to sell your home, is WHEN THE TIME IS RIGHT FOR YOU!!

First – there is no wrong or right time to sell seasonal wise.  The question and the answer falls with

  “when is the time right for YOU?” 

 Second- if you want to sell your home, it needs to be actively marketed. It Needs to be seen to be sold!

That’s when its the right time to sell – when its right for YOU and your personal and financial goals. 

And how do I find that answer?

Get the FACTS and information on your local real estate market from a real estate professional.

Get a comparative market analysis on your home specifically from a professional local real estate professional.  A local real estate professional is going to know specifically what is going on in your market, which may be totally different in a neighboring market!  All real estate is local!

Discuss your goals with a professional real estate professional. Determine whether it is the right time for you to sell. For some, it very well may not be the right time. It is and should be a personal choice and decision after reviewing all of the facts of the market and your goals.

If you are waiting for the market to change – be careful! Especially if you are considering moving up, downsizing or relocating.  When homes for sale prices increase, it is going to decrease your purchasing power on the buying end.Typically you will be able to buy MORE home in this type of a market. 

During the holiday season and the fall and winter months, we tend to see the homes for sale inventory reduce considerably.  this means that there are fewer comparable homes for sale that you are competing against!

With the real estate market being as competitive as it is, wouldn’t you rather have LESS competition in the sale of your home?  The fall/winter and holiday period offers LESS COMPETITION!  

Are there fewer buyers out there this time of year? It may seem that there are fewer buyers out looking at homes during this time of year and there very well may be. THERE ARE BUYERS OUT PURCHASING YEAR ROUND,  BUT what we typically see during this time of year is a more serious buyer and not so  many “lookie lou’s, dreamers, or what ifs.”  

It is a fairly serious buyer that is out looking at homes in the cold, wind, rain, possibly snow.  They also see your home at its worst (which is not necessarily a bad thing); this can take allot of questions out of the buyers mind as to how the home will “fair” during rain, wind, snow and so on.  A home can still have good curb appeal especially during the Christmas season when the decorations bring a warm, cozy and inviting feeling to the homes. 

With fewer homes on the market during the fall/winter/holiday seasons, the buyers have fewer choices which brings more attention to your home. You could very well miss YOUR BUYER and delay a sale by waiting for a “season to sell” rather than selling when the time is right for you.

Have questions? Give me a call.  I offer a FREE, NO OBLIGATION comparative market analysis for your property/home.  I would love to provide you factual information re the current real estate market for the Hood Canal, Belfair, Allyn and surrounding areas to help you determine your goals and help answer “when is the right time for you to sell your home.”

And remember – My success is YOUR success.


If you would like more information on Belfair, Allyn and LakeLand Village homes for sale or  Hood Canal and Puget Sound Waterfront Homes for Sale, drop me a line, give me a call, or stop on by.  You can also check out the many choices and prices on my website!


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Property Management Information~ Servicing Allyn, Belfair, Grapeview and South Hood Canal.


In the past year Windermere Peninsula Properties has taken on Property Management in order to accomodate  clients who are just not ready to sell their home yet, or it is not financially feasible and they are looking for an alternative to selling.  Utilizing the property as a rental, could fit the bill for some.  There are quite a few questions that crop up… Let’s see if we can answer some of them here –

There is actually two parts to  services of Property Management. 

Property Management – This  is the actual “managing the property” either after a tenant is acquired or “managing the property” while it is vacant and the owner is unable or unavailable or just doesn’t want to do this.  This Property Management is a totally separate entity from placing a home into the rental pool of active rental listings to acquire a tenant. 

For those who have tenants currently in their property already, Windermere Peninsula Properties can manage the property for you. 

 The services we offer include :

    1.   collecting and disbursing monthly rent checks to you or to a payee of your choice. 
    2.   set up repairs and services for the property as needed. 
    3.  Overseeing  the property with visual inspections as well as scheduled interior inspections. 
    4.  We maintain contact and communication with your tenants to help keep not only your property in the best shape possible but to overcome and address any issues a tenant may have while renting your property. 


Some are just looking for a renter/tenant for their home. Our services for this include :

    1.  marketing the property to target possible renters
    2.  handle the showings
    3.  screening applicants,
    4.  lease paperwork
    5.  and move in walk through.

We at Windermere Peninsula Properties can do that. This is similiar to listing your home for sale only we are listing it for rent.  Just as I would market your home for sale, I market your home for rent.  we utilize our knowledge, experience and skills to actively market your property to obtain a qualified renter.  The biggest part of the marketing for a rental is your PRICE.   Just as with marketing a home currently – PRICE is 80% of the marketing.  If you are asking for more rent than a similair property in the area, the odds are it will take longer to rent your home than the landlord who’s rent is less. 

If you would like more information, please give us a call. Information is ALWAYS FREE and there is NO OBLIGATION! 

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