Holiday Happenings in Allyn, WA~Santa Claus is coming to town & More!

Unbelievable how quickly the holidays have happened upon us!   My granddaughter and grandson were just telling me about the wish lists they have made for Santa and now they need to get their list to Santa!!  What better way to do it than go to the man himself!!   Save the dates!   There is a lot happening around the town of Allyn!

November 26th – Saturday – Santa Claus is coming to the Port of  Allyn waterfront park on Saturday, November 26th!!   He will be arriving at 4:00PM via fire engine courtesy of Local fire District 5  and their elves!   Get their early to enjoy ALL the festive activities starting  and easy way to get your lists into Santa! There will be music, drinks, home backed cookies and craft activities starting at 3PM! 

December 19th – Monday – Join the Allyn Christmas sing a long at the gazebo in the Allyn Waterfront park from 7-8PM!  Hot cider, Krispy Kreme doughnuts and hot chocolate!! 

Good company, good song, good fun!!

and don’t forget – Black friday – SHOP LOCAL!!!

Have a GREEEAT Thanksgiving!  and I will see you around town!


~Valerie ~

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Adapting and Overcoming Changes

Well it has been about a week since Windermere upgraded our websites to bring us the best of the best techonology in today’s world.  I for one, well, truthfully, do not like change but have slowly learned to adapt and overcome!  I haven’t quite completed or accomplished the look and feel I am looking for on my new website, but I hope you’ll hang in there until all the kinks are worked out and we’re back on track!

I am fairly computer and internet savvy, but it has been a challenge utilizing the new format, but I know with time and knowledge it will be better than ever for both you, as the consumer,and myself, as a professional broker marketing your home for sale or for rent! 

I have not had much time to learn all the new tricks and widgets and links etc. due to being quite busy in the field,  but I am learning something new each and everyday and working to incorporate it into my new website. 

 I can’t thank you enough for your patience as this process evolves and soon – soon I hope to have another very user friendly and informative website up and running.  My goal is to be able to keep you informed and promote all of my active listings with ease and the best exposure possible on the internet!  

Adapt and overcome has been my motto through this process and I hope you will too will take the time to wander through, post your input (good or bad) as we rebuild and accomplish fantastic internet exposure utilizing all of Windermere’s excellent and top notch technology resources! 

Hope to hear from you soon!


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An EVER changing journey….

This is my first blog post in my new category called “Just because.”  I felt like I had to have a “different”  blog category that lets me just show a little bit of ME to you…. and step away from real estate for a minute.

My title – “An ever changing journey….” Goes hand in hand with the changes you will see not only ony my Website, but throughout the Windermere websites as they make and implement changes to keep us on top of all the newest, latest and greatest technology! Which is why you are now looking at a different website than what you are used to seeing….. All for the better!

 I admit, I do not like change much. I admit every time they “upgrade” to make things better for all of us – I can feel my heart rate climb, my frustration level hits the top and yes I earn more gray hairs than  I care to count. I moan, groan, complain and yell at my computer as I work to “FIND” my way through the new changes, creating content, uploading pictures and so on.  I SOOOO had a handle on my old website, without knowing how I did it – my old website stayed in the top of the search engine pages, I could add pags, blogs, links, move things around and now, well here I am …… learning the new and improved. 

  I know once I learn and manuever through the system and put it all into play, it will be well worth the effort and will be user friendly for you. Ultimately in the long run, it will be better for you, better for me and will be a lot more efficient and productive than the old website….~sigh~~~ 

 An ever changing journey…… here we go…. are you ready?! 

 Follow along as we work through “OUT with the OLD and IN with the NEW.”  Every day you will see changes on my sight as I venture along and learn what will work best for you.  Remember too, I would love to hear from you as to what you would like to possibly see on my site and what are the good things and the bad things too.

I hope you enjoy our journey and I thank you for your patience as we implement the new and improved changes! 

My Success is YOUR success~Building Relationships for life~


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