Importance of a LOCAL Realtor


WHY is it important to work with a LOCAL Realtor?

I thought this wasn’t in an HOA??

As a LOCAL Realtor, for Mason County,  I focus specifically within a certain radius that I am an expert in;  working out of my market area – I do not know enough about areas out of my market such as specific market times, values,  specific county/city ordinances, neighborhoods, amenities etc.  A fairly typical radius for what we would consider LOCAL for a market area -ours being  quite rural)  “LOCAL” is approx a 40-60 mile radius (although 60 is pushing it for me).

In the past few weeks, waiting and watching our multiple listing service for new homes for sale to come on the market, I have noticed an increase in out of area agents marketing homes within our market area.  Three of the new listings that came on the market had incorrect information inputted in the MLS.  I actually passed a listing up for one of my Buyers because of wrong information, and it happened to be the one for my client. Fortunately, because I know the area like the back of my hand, I went back and did the research that brought up the incorrect info.

As a LOCAL Realtor,  focusing within a certain radius allows me to be an expert in that area. Out of area brokers  do not have that expertise – such as  market times, values,  specific county/city ordinances, neighborhoods, restricted uses, and amenities. A typical radius for a LOCAL market (our area being  quite rural) ,is approx  40-60 miles; although, I will say that 60 miles is pushing it for me… The further away something is, the harder it is to maintain that listing for me.

Consequently, Buyers will miss seeing your home if it is marketed with  incorrect information

Common Mistakes Made by non LOCAL Realtors

Here are just a few of the most common mistakes I have seen:

  1. Brokers placing homes in the wrong Multiple Listing Service area, causing other brokers to not see the listing…. It can’t be sold, if it can’t be seen!
  2.  Wrong information such as the certain restrictions of the property use or neighborhood, or amenities etc.
  3.  Wrong Directions to the property. If you can’t get there, well………  you know the rest.. 🙄

Fortunately, because of my area expertise as a LOCAL realtor, I can “read between the lines,” so to speak,  when reviewing listings marketed by out of area brokers.

Sold by a LOCAL realtor

Hood Canal & Belfair Area Homes for Sale and Sold

To sum it all up, I can’t say enough, ALL real estate is local.  Using a  LOCAL Realtor to market your home is extremely important!  We are experts in our area.  We know the neighborhoods, amenities, and how best to market your home in our specific area..   Not all areas are the same by any means. Especially fair market values!   Using a non LOCAL Realtor to market your home could cost you time and money !

To sum it up, we at Windermere Peninsula Properties, are YOUR LOCAL Realtor AREA EXPERTS!

Don’t miss out on your opportunity to earn the highest rate of return in the least amount of time on your home sale!

Call us – experienced and reputable to the North and South Shores of Hood Canal, Union, Tahuya,  Belfair, Allyn, Grapeview, Parts of Shelton, Victor as well as Southern Kitsap County.

A seller’s market – what are you waiting for?!!!  Call for a FREE NO OBLIGATION comparative market analysis!

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Home Inspection Misconception


At our recent Windermere Peninsula Properties regular Tuesday morningBroker/Staff meeting,  Allegiance Home Inspection, Kyle, stopped in to give us a presentation of the home inspection services their company offers.  Definitely great information and am excited to add their name to our resource  list of inspectors in the area.

They provided us with a very informative handout sheet with “8 Common Misconceptions about Home Inspections”  that Buyers have.   As I was reading it, I realized, we also as Brokers, hear the same questions and misconceptions and thought it would be a good time (coming into the New Year and all) to answer those questions and get rid of the misconceptions.

#1 – What if the home inspection fails? 

There is no pass or fail with a home inspection.  A home inspection is to give you information as to the overall condition of the home.  Sort of like “looking under the hood” when you purchase a car.  The inspector does not pass or fail the home.  He gives you the knowledge to make educated choices as to your next step.

#2 The inspector will inspect every nook and cranny, every inch of the home –

Incorrect – they will inspect the readily accessible areas of the home.  It can be limited as to what they can see and can access; They can only inspect what they can see and access.

#3 My home is almost or is brand new, why do I need an inspection?

We are all only human!   😆 Even the best of the best contractors/builders, sometimes even they do miss an item.   Best to just catch something amiss sooner rather than later!

#4 I just had my home inspection 2 months ago, so nothing is going to break or need maintenance.

Incorrect – ANY home is subject to unexpected repairs at any given time. Lets face it – anything MAN MADE can break.   The Home inspection findings are based on visual conditions at the time of the inspection.

#5 The home inspector will tell me whether or not to buy the home….

Incorrect !   Nope, never, negative, not going to happen.   The home inspector is going to advise you of any note-able issues that are visual and accessible  and it is up to you with that knowledge to determine in helping you make an educated decision as to how or if you are going to move forward with your purchase.

#6 Isn’t an appraisal the same thing as a home inspection?

It is not, an appraisal determines the value of the home     while the inspection informs you of the condition of the home.

#7 Do I need to be at the inspection or can I show up at the end?

It is best, if at all possible, for you to attend the entire  inspection to see first hand what the inspector is talking about.   It’s also a good time to ask the inspector any questions you may have.

#8 All home inspection companies are the same…

Not true – there are many, many Home Inspection Companies in the area and not all may have the same report format, personalities, costs etc.    Pick a home inspector that you are comfortable with.

Great information!   If YOU have other questions about the home buying or selling process, give us a call or drop us a line.   Information is FREE and we are always more than happy to share our knowledge and resources!

Remember – OUR success is YOUR success!!    We are here for you!   What are you waiting for? 🙂

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